I can’t tell if this is sarcasm or not, but Medium has the technical capacity to segment design changes and evaluation methods by genre (e.g. nonfiction vs poetry or long- vs short-form).

The reason that “many people" are still complaining is because “the many" complaining now are a different segment than “the many" who were complaining previously.

For example, while the changes you mention were (possibly) good for poetry, they were terrible for nonfiction.

Ultimately, the “improvements” should never have been applied everyone but only to a specific segment of accounts.

Again, Medium has the technical capabilities to do so. Beta testing with a small segment of end users is a great example. Releasing certain features only to publishers is another. Medium’s software can be segmented any which way they want.

Why they insist on designing for a homogeneous “everyone” is beyond comprehension.

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