In martial arts training, you learn how to protect yourself in a fight— and you spend just as much time learning how not to get in fights.

In lifeguard training, you learn how to rescue and save lives — but most time is spent learning how to prevent accidents.

In the old days of psychiatry (like early 2000s), nurses and techs learned how to restrain patients who were a threat to themselves or others. It was an absolute last resort. Most of our training was on verbal de-escalation and conflict resolution because the goal was to avoid restraining. (Thankfully, shackles were finally banned in U.S. healthcare in the 1950s).

Similarly, teachers and admins learn some basic safety protocols for physically handling a student (like breaking up a fight), but the focus — for schools that offer this training (not all do) — is on prevention.

Why are police being trained for war in civilian contexts??

My guess is that they’re still fighting the “War on Drugs” — which we all know is really the War on Black on Poor People.

I’m not kidding — Google it!

Otherwise, why not spend more time on prevention?

Why prioritize shooting and killing if you intend to follow due process of law — which entitles ALL PEOPLE to a phone call, an attorney, and a jury of peers BEFORE being sentenced to death?

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