It’s ineffective satire.

Half the people in this thread are defending the author.

The other half is can’t tell whether the author is racist .

It’s not because half the readers don’t recognize satire when they see it.

It’s because there’s nothing in this document to contextualize the author’s baseline position.

Throwing around satirical one-liners on sensitive topics isn’t okay — especially in our current climate.

I get it.

But I don’t accept it.

I do like where it’s heading, though — which is why I made suggestions for improvement.

Because that’s what good editors and good Samaritans do.

Of course, editors and defenders harboring their own unconscious biases wouldn’t have a clue.

What is everyone complaining about?

Don’t they realize it’s satire?

It’s fine the way it is!

That’s exactly what priveleged white people would say.

Thanks for proving the point!

Queer Black Woman w/ Disabilities and Indigenous Roots | Health educator & former healer now healing herself | Quora @April-M-Hamm | LinkedIn @April-Hamm #WEOC

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