Right!?? Not to mention she only wrote part-time hours. (In real life, she’d be working around the clock with multiple just to make ends meet). Meanwhile, she gets to afford designer clothes and shoes, rent in a prime location, and an assistant (in one of the movies)!?

The lawyer is struggling (presumably due to single motherhood not the exorbitant costs of living in NY), but the part-time writer (not blogger with diversified revenue streams, columnist with a single source of income) is financially independent??

I loved that show as much as the next 20-something watching when it came out (and to this day, naturally), but come on! It was liberating for female sex but totally misleading for women’s finance.

Then again, sex and money being core academic subjects in schools, I’m sure it was easy for everyone to watch for the entertainment value alone. Who learns about careers on TV anyway? Everyone knows there’s no such thing as on-screen education!

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