So true! I used to find it so weird how skeptical some clients were, especially when their solutions were so straightforward. It seemed to me that prior consultants simply had not understood the problem to begin with (usually as a result of simply taking the client’s word for it). I realized I could solve a lot of problems for clients simply by identifying and scoping the problem(s) for them. Apparently, needs assessment is a totally underrated skill!

The issue came full circle when I started seeking advisory and consulting services myself— consultants weren’t taking the time for needs assessment at all!! I don’t know if they’re untrained, misinformed, or just lazy!!

I mean, knew that selling solutions without solving problems was a common challenge for SaaS providers, but since when did consultants start selling advice without solving problems too?? Isn’t that the whole point of consulting??

Anyway, so now I’m terrified of paying for advice, too! Lol

Queer Black Woman w/ Disabilities and Indigenous Roots | Health educator & former healer now healing herself | Quora @April-M-Hamm | LinkedIn @April-Hamm #WEOC

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