Thanks so much for sharing your process! I was using Docs and Sheets and then got swept up in the promise of automation 🤦🏾‍♀️ Not only was I disappointed, but I became a disorganized, cluttered mess!

I stopped drafting in Docs and started drafting on platforms like Medium and Quora.

I stopped organizing in Sheets and started buying document management software and building databases because I believed I could (eventually) better organize and track my work with fancier technology.

The immediate result is that I ended up with too much tech and not enough content because I was busy programming instead of writing.

The long term result is that even though I’ve gotten back to writing, I am totally disorganized!

I have thousands of drafts saved in Quora and tens of drafts saved in LinkedIn and Medium!

Document search within Google Drive has improved to the point I can stop paying for document management software, but giving up on the simple spreadsheet — and linking to drafts therein — means I have limited or no access to all my brilliant ideas!

And with both drafts and publications living on platforms without backup storage in my own cloud account and external hard drive — I risk losing everything if any of these platforms goes out of business (unlikely) or accidentally loses my data (not unlikely).

I got “woke” when, for example, Quora collapsed one of my answers on mental health — one in which I shared my personal experience as a caregiver and also tons of links to resources I spent hours collecting and decades researching. I still have access to my content — thankfully, but it’s a bullish reminder that I don’t own my storage on Quora — my stuff just lives there.

So I’m now on a quest to reorganize my drafts and publications and copy/paste them all in Docs and link them all Sheets — and back up everything a physical drive for safekeeping.

If only I had just stuck with what was working in the first place!!! 😩⏳💸

It’s reassuring to see how well Docs and Sheets are still working for you, though.

Considering the promises of automation (which turned out to be untrue), it really is good to know (vicariously at least) that the hard work of maintaining content manually yourself really is worth it.

TL;DR - thanks 😊

Queer Black Woman w/ Disabilities and Indigenous Roots | Health educator & former healer now healing herself | Quora @April-M-Hamm | LinkedIn @April-Hamm #WEOC

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